The smoking grates light a fire in me 
Small, weird wonders make me believe 
That I can do this now 
I’m finding my feet 
Thanks New York City 
I found what I needed 

The smell of the trash cans 
Your dirty, grey streets 
Bags pile up like the fears in me 
But your magic is in that carefree flare 
That lights up the city 
That’s why dreams are made here 

The stream of cabs are my yellow brick road 
Take me to Oz and I’ll find a way home 
Got my red ruby slippers from Chanel on the way 
F**k all the doubters I have things to say 

Gotta keep going 
Gotta keep going 

Instead of sheltering myself in those Hollywood hills 
With sunshine and moonshine and little blue pills 
Bring me to Soho where people won’t wait 
Gonna walk up to Nobu 
And make Martini my mate 

Keep wishing for snow 
To blanket the busy 
To tuck in the hard nights and smother the missing home 

But her streets 
Will stay with you 
She’ll make her mark on you Like a new tattoo

Gotta keep going 
Gotta keep going 
There’s no time for waiting 
Just gotta keep going